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by thisnorthernboy

I’m currently working on my Innsmouth story, and debating what form the final ‘thing’ may take. It’s being written directly to twitter, and also catalogued here in a regularly updated blog post. I do want it to be a physical product at some point. My initial thoughts were that I’d publish each chapter in a little book. Nothing fancy, just an A5, stapled, two colour book, printed on uncoated stock. Maybe collect all the chapters together in a slipcase at some point along with some prints or postcards. Sounds pretty nice I think? As I’ve been writing more and more of the story, I’m also thinking that perhaps, maybe, it’s becoming and actual book. The kind of thing I’d approach publishers about. That’s maybe a bit further down the line though.

You can follow the Innsmouth story on Twitter, or here on the blog.

In the meantime, while thinking about how or what to produce, I got to thinking about Kickstarter as a funding avenue for it, and it struck me that I’d never shared the stats from my last project. My Weird Field World book, surpassed all my wildest predictions. I set the funding goal high enough to cover all my costs if I sold 150 books. In the end I sold 800 exactly through Kickstarter, while having enough funds to order a couple of hundred extra copies that I sold through my store. I really enjoyed the process of crowdfunding, and Kickstarter was a pretty simple but powerful platform for it.

So here are some stats about the campaign. Nothing particularly scientific, but interesting – particularly if you have any thoughts about running a campaign of your own.

Original funding goal – £2500

Final total – £32102 

Backers 900 (ten withdrew after the campaign ended)

Initial goal reached in just 36 minutes.

527% funded in 24 hours. 

Average pledge – £35.67

34% of backers came from Twitter.

Just 4.5% from Instagram and 2.4% from Facebook.

8.5% organically through Kickstarter.

8% of backers went for a digital download of the book

57% went for just the physical book

33% went for book plus other rewards

36% of backers were from the UK

28% from the USA

4.25% from France

3.6% from Canada

2% from Germany, Australia and the Netherlands.

Furthest a book travelled – 11,659 miles to New Zealand

And least travelled – less than a mile.

US states with most orders – California 41, Texas 23, Washington 19, New York 15, Illinois 13.

US states with zero orders – Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, N Dakota, Rhode Island, S Carolina, S Dakota, W Virginia, Wyoming.

If you’re thinking of running a Kickstarter I would highly recommend it, and if you have any questions – feel free to ask.


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