August blogfest – day 4

by thisnorthernboy

The postman brought me some goodies today courtesy of the Draplin Design Company. If you haven’t heard of DDC, you might have heard of Field Notes. I’ve talked about them before and I’m a big fan. Aaron Draplin, founder of both DDC and Field Notes Brand recently published a fantastic book – Pretty Much Everything – a retrospective of his work, and in fact almost an autobiography. It’s a beautiful book, absolutely chock full of content, design, wisdom, inspiration. Draplin also produced an Enhancement Kit – a slip case, stickers, bookmarks, prints… – to go with the book. That kit arrived today and it’s lovely. The stars of the show are the gorgeous fabric slip case for Pretty Much Everything, and the two packs of special Field Notes Brand notebooks – with an amazing orange foil.

Have a look at Draplin’s site, buy the book, use the notebooks, get inspired. Lovely stuff.



Enhancement kit



Field notes


Quite a collection