Stilted City II

by thisnorthernboy

Here’s another, slightly more involved and cluttered, stilted village or city – following on from my previous post.

The first image owed a lot to being in the Maldives right now, surrounded by ocean. There was also a pretty heavy influence from documentaries I’d seen on Southeast Asia – not something I’d researched, so probably just remembered very badly. This new illustration has more to do with a weird fantasy Europe from the 16th or 17th century I think. Perhaps the outskirts of a lesser Venice, or some Dutch aquatic suburbia.

UPDATE: I’ve added the coloured version of this illustration now.

Stilted City in Colour

Stilted City in Colour



Wherever these societies are supposed to be, in whatever century, I like them. I think next for this will be some colour, and then maybe a much larger illustration, showing a little more of this world.