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Only one game in town…

Well, it’s still droids. Working in London is leaving me with precious little time to draw, and as I committed to drawing a droid every day for a year – that’s the one thing I will squeeze in.

I’ve been asking on twitter and Instagram for suggestions for film, TV or book droids or robots to draw.

Here are three of my favourites so far…

Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet

Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet

R2-D2, surely everyone's favourite

R2-D2, surely everyone’s favourite

K-9, Doctor Who's faithful companion

K-9, Doctor Who’s faithful companion

40 days of droids…

Day 40 of my droid a day project. Here’s a selection of my progress so far, along with some of today’s sketches.

Just over half of the droids so far…

Just over half of the droids so far…

Some of today's sketches - hands and feet.

Some of today’s sketches – hands and feet.

A ‘Droid a Day

I’ve just started a new project, A ‘Droid a Day, on Tumblr. I love robots, so it seemed to make sense to set myself a little challenge of drawing and posting a robot every day. They don’t take too long, and they’re fun, so it should be something I can keep up.

The first couple of drawings are already up, and I’ve included a few more sketches below.