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Fifty years since one small step

Apollo_Two Up

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m a bit of a space nut. I’ve always been fascinated by space, astronomy, astrophysics… and to be honest I’d still like to be an astronaut.

2019 marks fifty years since the first moon landing, when Eagle the lunar lander of Apollo 11 touched down. To commemorate that historic moment, and because I just love everything about the Apollo missions, I’ve created a couple of posters.

The first, Twelve Human Hearts, celebrates the humans to have stepped on the surface of the moon. It’s a huge shame that nobody has been back since Apollo 17.

The second poster, F-1, marks the power and brilliance of the Rocketdyne F-1 engine that powered the Saturn V rocket.

Both posters are available from Ellipress. You can also get them as postcards.


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A Gigantic Fleet of Tiny Orange Spaceships

I decided to draw a few little spaceships. It got a bit out of hand. When I finished there was a whole tiny fleet of them. All tiny, all orange. 150 in total. I counted.



The finished fleet. 150 strong.

Spaceships look better in Orange

I like spaceships. I like orange.

Twelve Human Hearts

I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to go in to space, just like Neil Armstrong, or Flash Gordon, or Dan Dare.

I still want to go into space. I always will.

I’ve been working on these posters for a while, they are the first two of a set of four to celebrate the Apollo missions of the late 60s and early 70s.

The first poster names all twelve astronauts to land on the moon, as well as the combined time spent on the moon. The second poster features the F-1 rocket engine, five of which powered the Saturn V rocket.

Apollo Poster 1

Twelve Human Hearts

Apollo Poster 2

Saturn V